Tweaking toes



Have you experienced it yet? Or maybe you’re one of the sceptics?  I’ve met some who spoke of pains and varying levels of discomfort in their bodies and then I referred them to my reflexologist Yvonne Owen and they were converted!

The thing is that most of us suffer with differing pains as we get older – usually a result of poor posture, stress, lack of sleep or disturbed sleep – babies, children, snoring (our own as well as a partner’s!) etc – and these can all lead to pain – the aches aren’t necessarily the cause of the problem. For a while we might just live with it and accept it, but sometimes it gets bad enough to seek expert help. If we looked after our bodies more – had a maintenance plan like we do for our cars and boilers, some of the problems could be avoided.

Reflexology is a complementary therapy and well established holistic therapy treating both the mind and the body – improving our well-being as well as dealing with specific body related issues. It’s based on the principle that the body is represented on our feet by a ‘map’ of points. A therapist will apply pressure to the feet and toes which often stimulates a response in the corresponding part of our body.

Yvonne often sees people for treatment when they’re at a low point and will spend a number of sessions getting them back on their feet – no pun intended! And then through regular sessions, she can ensure they maintain their good health and manage their lives more comfortably. She can see clients weekly, fortnightly or monthly as their conditions improve and they are able to deal with their lives more easily.

Her treatment room offers the perfect surrounding for a relaxing session. It’s a dedicated space as well as a time to just focus on yourself and she offers a holistic approach – whilst concentrating on the problems her clients tell her about, she is also able to identify additional issues through her extensive knowledge of feet and the parts of the body that each area of the foot relates to – and through manipulation, massage and specific attention, she is able to assist by releasing knots and reducing pain.

Treatment room...

Treatment room...

The history of reflexology is extensive and detailed, there is a lot of information for practitioners to learn, retain and perfect their techniques – Yvonne has done all of this and more, she offers space to her clients to talk freely and I am sure would be considered more than purely a reflexologist to many of them.

Her website details are below - I can thoroughly recommend her and look forward to my visits.  Find out more about the range of treatments she offers here