Clandon Wood - Nature Reserve

A couple of weeks ago I made a visit to Clandon Wood Nature Reserve – since hearing about it, my interest was piqued so I was keen to find a convenient time to visit and find out more.  It really is a wonderful place to celebrate life and death – a beautiful nature reserve and a natural burial ground.



A carefully managed and nurtured nature reserve which offers natural burials seems like a really sensible use of our precious countryside. It’s definitely a vision of how I’d like the future to be. A return to simplicity – no frills or unnecessary extras. The two ponds offer themselves as home to a number of ducks and are full of life throughout the year.


When I think about it, it seems perfectly congruent and makes total sense – life ending and life beginning in the same space. I love the peace and quiet – the open space bursting with life: butterflies, birds, wildflowers, rabbits; the list goes on. Infinite skies with regular rainbows, and tranquillity – the openness offering space to breathe and just be still. It’s a wonderful place to remember a loved one, and is equally an enjoyable place to visit in its own right.


When the hedgerows and meadows have fully grown and all the wildflower seeds have flowered, the space will change again and attract even more wildlife than it does during the winter. There’s a list by the office of all the birds and rare butterflies that the team have seen – as well as the more common rabbits and more familiar birds – there are some unusual sightings.



Ecofriendly, open, accessible – offering an affordable and natural resting place. I know that’s where I want to be both while I’m alive and afterwards. Surrounded by life in a peaceful way.