Presenting a dream property

An excellent photograph can really help to sell a property – it will catch someone’s eye and tempt them further, to go and view it for themselves, and then in an ideal world, make an offer to buy it! By the same token, a bad photo will have the viewer flick past and not click the link to see more.


Taking property photos is always a great way to spend my time – especially when I get to see a refurbished property before and after it’s finished – or a complete build, from the muddy space and pile of bricks, to a home which is ready to go on the market.  Seeing the final product with all the finishing touches, ready to tempt the buyers, is very exciting. This particular property was a conversion to an HMO – each room was different and the high standard and style was maintained throughout.


Regular houses and flats, both resales and lets are also really interesting to photograph – they are windows onto the ever changing fashions and lifestyles; showing how ideas and styles develop over the years. Some houses appear firmly fixed in a particular decade, waiting to pulled into the 21st century, or potentially enjoyed as ‘vintage’ – whatever the current trend dictates.


And yes, tidying up, moving things and straightening curtains is all part of the role of a property photographer!

A beautiful renovated home

A beautiful renovated home